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Re: Adhesives

>From:    Charles <chases@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Not to discourage you, but the subject of adhesives seems to be as prone to
>opinion as almost anything. (snip)

Charles is correct.  My personal, strictly private, not mentioned unless
asked opinion being that everything you ask about about adhesives can and
has been accomplished for centuries with nothing more than cooked
starch/flour paste and animal hide glue.  These days most people prefer
starch over flour because there is less food for bugs in starch.  Of
course, this is not the case with glue.

Synthetic adhesives have the advantage of being readily available in
plastic containers off the shelf.  No additional preparation required.  As
is so often the case with time saving materials there are a couple of
drawbacks.  Duncan Campbell mentioned the big ones.

Nobody has mentioned the formaldehyde which gives PVA's long shelf life.
And nobody mentioned the difficulty of taking the lid off after the
first/second use and how the plastic container deforms when a person puts
the lid in a vise and both hands around the *weak* plastic container and
twists. Hard.  Not naming names here. :-)

I don't use much PVA of any description.  I just went to look on the shelf
and found an unopened pint container dated February, 1996.  About all I use
the stuff for is making the odd box or slip case.

What it comes down to, for me, is that I am comfortable with cooking paste
and warming up hide glue.  I'm not in a production setting and am not
trying to beat anyone's speed record.  This works for me.



Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Lab.
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Portland, OR  97217

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