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Re: Book Arts Symposium and Workshop in Walla Walla, WA

: Laura Joan Boston wrote:
: Hi, everyone...
: This is my first time on the list, and I hope you will forgive a
: mass-mailing.  I promise I will not normally do this. :)  Anyway, we at
: Whitman College are sponsoring our second annual Book Arts Symposium and
: Workshop, and I'd like to let anyone who is interested know about it.

I have no problem with people sending workshop, lecture, exhibit, etc.
information to this list. In fact, I regularly scan the Book Arts-L for
items to put in the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter calendar.



Christopher McAfee
Harold B. Lee Library
Brigham Young University
phone: 801/378-8359
fax: 801/378-6708

"It now became apparent
(despite the lack of library paste)
that something had
happened to the vicar;
guns began to go off in the distance."

-Edward Gorey


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