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Value of BA List (Was: Book Arts Symposium and Workshop in Walla Walla, WA)

Chris McAfee wrote, in response to Laura Joan Boston:

> I regularly scan the Book Arts-L for
>items to put in the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter calendar.

I too often save items of interest from postings here for inclusion in the
CBBAG Newsletter. These items include exhibition and workshop
announcements, calls for entry, new or recommended supplier information,
occasional tips or techniques. I've been known to reprint entire postings
(after getting author permission, of course) when the topic was of
sufficient interest or the response passionate ;-)

Unfortunately, being a quarterly publication, it is often too late to
include some information (for example the upcoming Tim Ely workshops, or
the Walla Walla event) by the time it is posted here. One of the wonderful
things about this new medium is the instantaneous transmission of
information and the possibility of shorter deadlines. The drawback of
shorter deadlines is that (a) people don't have sufficient time to prepare,
and (b) newsletter editors like Chris and I are less likely to include the
information in our respective publications.

I encourage all of you who are planning exhibitions, workshops and other
events to get the information out as early as possible, even if you have
not confirmed dates, workshop leaders, etc. You can always follow up with
more detailed info later on. Remember that there are, unfortunately, many
book arts people out there who do not have access to this list (yet) and by
getting the information to them via the old-fashioned medium of print you
can increase the publicity for your event.


Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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