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China paper distinct from India paper? -Apologies for Error!

Dear Book_Arts-L Subscribers,

I've just learned that my response to Nancy Nitzberg actually went to the =
entire list. My apologies! My intention was to thank each respondent who =
sent me a long, detailed response, as several of you did, and a more =
general thanks to the list as a whole.=20

Now it looks like I've inadvertently thanked the list before I got to all =
the individuals I intend to thank. This is entirely the wrong list =
etiquette! But since I've done it, I do indeed thank the whole list for =
accommodating my thread, and the discussion as a whole has given me =
valuable information, and several very useful references to sources on =
paper terminology. I have a few more people to thank individually, and =
Monday shall get back to that. Then back to being a silent lurker.

Alison Chipman
Editor, GII Vocabulary Program

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