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Book Repair Demonstrations at ALA

> From: Pete Merrill-Oldham [SMTP:pete@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, June 11, 1998 5:01 PM
> To:   verheyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject:      Book Repair Demonstrations
> Please post the following announcement.
> Basic Book Repair Demonstrations
> In libraries large and small, minor repair is a critical component in
> overall efforts to care for collections of books and journals.  Bound
> volumes mended as soon as they show signs of damage may never require more
> complex repair or binding.
> At this summer's ALA Annual Meeting, three basic cost-effective procedures
> for repairing hard-cover volumes will be shown at the Library of Congress
> exhibit booth  3222 in Exhibit Hall B at the Washington, DC Convention
> Center.  Techniques for hinge tightening and tipping in loose pages will
> be
> demonstrated by professional conservators, continuously from 10 AM to 4 PM
> Saturday June 27th through Monday June 29th.  In addition, a free sixteen
> page pamphlet illustrating the procedures will be handed out.  The
> pamphlet
> also includes short lists of sources for: supplies, further training,
> professional conservation, library binding, and further readings on
> library
> preservation and book repair.  For those individuals unable to attend the
> demonstrations, the pamphlet may be ordered for the cost of mailing and
> handling: single copy:  $2.50; additional copies:  $1.50 each.  Please
> make
> checks payable to "Book Repair," Acme Bookbinding.". (Mailing address:
> "Book Repair"; c/o Acme Bookbinding; P.O. Box 699; Charlestown, MA
> 02129-0004).

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