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Re: pop up book help

Re: Your request for help with your pop-up book project

>Dear Sigal, I'm not sure if you received my attempt to reply off-list
or if you wanted an off-list or on-list reply.  Anyway-in case it never
arrived, I'd be happy to advise you in any way I can. -Also I refer you to
my book "Pop-O-Mania: How To Create Your Own Pop-Ups" (Dial Books, 1997,
ISBN 0-8037-1947-7), which you might find helpful since it has 3-d
instructions taking you step by step through some basic paper-engineering
techniques. While it only scratches the surface of what can be done, it will
get you started and show you enough techniques to do a great deal.. While
there are underlying principles involved in making pop-ups, once you get
started there is also much room for experimentation,  exploration,
innovation and variation on themes so it becomes much more than just
following a recipe. It provides a wonderful intersection of Science and Art.
Pop-Ups can be made on a very simple or very developed basis and are so
magical and so much fun that I'd encourage anyone to try! Wishing you
success with your project!  Contact me if you need further help. Sincerely
Barbara Valenta
e-mail bvalenta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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