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Cuban bookbinders


BO>I can almost hear the groan when people read the subject to this
BO>message. . .

        I groaned indeed.  I thought this topic had died an unhappy
death.  I was sorry about that, but didn't want to fan futile flames. I would
be glad, however, to participate in a discussion about bookbinders in

        I know of two other people on this list who have also been to
Ediciones Vigia and have valuable insights into the activities there.
A few days after I visited there I also know of two people who live in
the DC area who went to Ediciones Vigia.  I left there with two of
their books but the two people I am speaking of bought a bundle.  They
are currently seeking a venue with the idea of having a show featuring the work
of Ediciones Vigia.  So keep your eyes out for a posting about an exhibit.

        As a possible topic of discussion I would like to bring attention
to the collaboration efforts at Ediciones Vigia.  Keep in mind that in
Cuba the State oversees and coordinates so many aspects of life.  There
are up and down sides to this of course.  But the upside in the case of
E. Vigia is that although they have limited financial and materials
resources they do have people.
        As I mentioned before almost all of their editions are in runs of
200.  A tremendous amount of work goes into each individual volume.
What I found so appealing was the large number of people who participate
in each.  Translators, graphic artists, editors, calligraphers, and designers
all work with the people who run the mimeomachines, stapler, cut out paper
figures and assemble the books.  When you get a chance to look at one of
their books you see the work of many people in each one.  What I found
 evident also was that the collaboration between all of these people
flowed so smoothly into a finished product that has grace and
cohesiveness of design and execution.
        Personally I am a big fan of collaborations and I do them
whenever they are presented.  But it's with one or two other people, not
the large numbers of distinct talents that I saw working together at E.

Bob Muens

BO>Has anyone else had contact with Cuban bookbinders or seen any Cuban
BO>works?  Does anyone know anything more about the Ediciones Vigia
BO>cooperative and the work they do?  I could go on. . .

BO>I'd love to read a discussion about the art and not semantics.

BO>Michelle Berg Vogel

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