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Re: Paper grain

At 07:24 AM 6/13/98 -0700, Betty wrote:

>Hand- or mould-made papers have little or no discernable grain because the
>moulds are jiggled as they are are lifted, causing the fibers to lie in
>different directions.
I've seen this statement elsewhere and it puzzles me because it does not
comport with my experience.  I work almost entirely with handmade and
mouldmade (=eastern "semi-handmade) papers, eastern and western.  The ones
I use are laid papers and have a very definite grain which must be taken
into account.  Is the quoted statement perhaps only true of wove papers?

I'll be happy to be straightened out and educated on this matter.


Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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