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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 12 Jun 1998 to 13 Jun 1998

In a message dated 6/13/98 11:14:59 PM, you wrote:

<<>Hand- or mould-made papers have little or no discernable grain because the
>moulds are jiggled as they are are lifted, causing the fibers to lie in
>different directions.>>

Mould-made papers always have grain on one side: the side touching the mould
as the fibers settle there first before the 'papermaker's shake' begins.  The
degree that a handmade sheet has grain depends on the maker and how soon (s)he
starts the shake.  Of course, laid mould-made papers seem to have more grain
direction because of the laid watermarked lines but in reality, I don't think
they have any more than wove mould papers.  My rule of thumb is to test the
paper and if I can feel a direction, than follow it.

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