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Re: ?? Paper grain

In a message dated 98-06-14 11:07:32 EDT, you write:

<<  Hand- or mould-made papers have little or no discernable grain because the
 > moulds are jiggled as they are are lifted, causing the fibers to lie in
 > different directions.

 With respect to Betty, and admitting upfront my less than extensive knowledge
of papermaking, I
 don't think that's quite right. To my understanding, mouldmade (moldmade)
papers, i.e.:
 Hahnemuhle Ingres or Bugra for instance, are made on slow moving machines...

Alright, these answers are helping all the experts out there on this list.
But I am not quite following this "grain" thing.  I make handmade paper with
kids and adults.  The emphasis is bringing papermaking to the masses--making
it easy, do-able and environmental (saving junk mail, flyers, dryer lint,
etc.)  Am I missing something?  I don't notice any direction with the grain on
these handmade papers.  Are you all talking about machine made paper?  Or
maybe paper made with longer plant fibers that are beaten instead of chopped
in a blender?

The paper we make in my classes is sturdy enough, but not all that strong.
However, I wouldn't call it junk paper because we use only good quality paper
to start with.


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