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Denis Gouey on Hewitt

        I can't help but wonder what Denis' gripe is.
        If what he wants is access to Hewitt leathers, it is certainly there.
        If what he wants is to deal exclusively with Talas, and Talas doesn't have
Hewitt leather that's a problem, but what does he owe to Talas to trade
only there?
        Bookmakers, to whom Hewitt is assigning its dealership, is only an
overnight-delivery away.
        Not everyone I've talked to thinks Talas' service is that great anyway.
It hasn't proven so to me.
        One of the factors in successful competition is customer relations.  Maybe
Hewitt discovered where that is, and where they would get the best service
for those wanting their products.
        David Lanning's easy to reach via e-mail.  Seems to me, rather than post a
public grouch about Hewitt's choice, a modest on-line conversation with
Lanning would be more appropriate.
        Charles Schermerhorn

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