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Re: Denis Gouey on Hewitt

What is not appropriate is to post a rebutal on the Book Arts list to an
issue raised on the Bookbinding list. For this reason I will not go into details. Any
one interested can subscribe to the Bookbinding list. Just go to :

Charles wrote:

>         I can't help but wonder what Denis' gripe is.
>         If what he wants is access to Hewitt leathers, it is certainly there.
>         If what he wants is to deal exclusively with Talas, and Talas doesn't have
> Hewitt leather that's a problem, but what does he owe to Talas to trade
> only there?
>         Bookmakers, to whom Hewitt is assigning its dealership, is only an
> overnight-delivery away.
>         Not everyone I've talked to thinks Talas' service is that great anyway.
> It hasn't proven so to me.
>         One of the factors in successful competition is customer relations.  Maybe
> Hewitt discovered where that is, and where they would get the best service
> for those wanting their products.
>         David Lanning's easy to reach via e-mail.  Seems to me, rather than post a
> public grouch about Hewitt's choice, a modest on-line conversation with
> Lanning would be more appropriate.
>         Charles Schermerhorn

Denis Gouey

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