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adhesives - lids

I have used a piece of waxed paper betwwen the lid and the jar as a liner
to keep it from sticking. It works well, its cheap, and you can replace it
when it gets ripped or sticky.

But my PVA gets smelly, separates and may even get moldy after 6-8 months,
depending on the weather. So you may want to only buy it when you need it.
If it thickens, you can thin it a bit with water, but mix it really really

I have heard mixing it with methly cellulose makes it last longer, and
makes a nice adhesive. I usually use it straight, and have glued everything
from fabric to metal with it, very successfully.

Sorry for the dely in this message - server trouble.

Jack Thompson wrote:
<And nobody mentioned the difficulty of taking the lid off after the
first/second use and how the plastic container deforms when a person puts
the lid in a vise and both hands around the *weak* plastic container and
twists. Hard.  Not naming names here. :-)

I don't use much PVA of any description.  I just went to look on the shelf
and found an unopened pint container dated February, 1996.>

Beth Priestley
Painted Turtle Design

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