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Re: road rage

And  p  l  e  a  s  e  if anyone has a gripe with someone, perhaps it would
be nicer, and kinder,  to contact that person direct instead of publicly
e-rapping them over the knuckles.

At 08:42 16/06/98 -0400, you wrote:
> Please, PSymon, remember that you share the net with all sorts of
>drivers, some more adept than others!  Charles intended no damage to
>your system, nor to anyone.  A courteous message to the list reminding
>us all of the various systems used by list members and technical
>problems large files sent to the list can cause would have been timely,
>you were simply rude.  Perhaps our esteemed web master Spider Verhayen
>could suggest a way list members might post large files or pictures to a
>site available to all members without risking unintentional injury?
>  Dorothy Africa

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