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Re: road rage

At 08:42 16/06/98 -0400, Dorothy Africa wrote:
> Please, PSymon, remember that you share the net with all sorts of
>drivers, some more adept than others!  Charles intended no damage to
>your system, nor to anyone.  A courteous message to the list reminding
>us all of the various systems used by list members and technical
>problems large files sent to the list can cause would have been timely,
>you were simply rude.

Well, I was extremely upset because I'd lost a lot of creative work that
was virtually irreplaceable -- I can only imagine that any of you
bookbinders out there, too, would be rather upset if someone walked into
your shop and just "accidentally" threw in the fireplace and destroyed
forever that beautiful binding you were in the midst of working on,
wouldn't you, even if they didn't mean to?

That's my *reason* for my words last night, but, again, I do realize that
it's just a reason and not an excuse for it, and that Charles ultimately
didn't mean any harm (hence the reason I sent off my last message two
minutes before you sent yours, Dorothy<g>), and so, what else can I do but
say, once again, that I'm truly sorry for the harshness words last night.
Sorry to Charles especially, and sorry to Peter for mucking up his
wonderful list with garbage, and, well, I'm just sorry everyone. :(

Now, back to my Zen, and learning the impermanence of all things, and
practicing "letting go".

Ron ;)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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