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Re: Photo labels

Some color print material is non-absorbent, as I discovered trying to label
them on my bubble-jet printer - which ink does not air-dry well.  Try a
fine-tip felt-pen - if that fails, try regular pen w/ permanent india ink.
Me, I use small Avery labels, since the prints are of no particularly
intrinsic value, but just for memory.
        I once came across a large cardboard box in a barn's workshed full of b&w
photos of a deceased couple's life and relatives - and not a name or date
on any of them.  Their adult children had no idea who they were.
Always label your photos, and date them if possible, even within the year.
Charles Schermerhorn

> From: Fran Morris <moras@xxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Photo labels
> Date: Tuesday, June 16, 1998 2:59 PM
> Hi,
> My brother is planning to put photos in an album but until then wants to
> label them. He wondered if computer labels will be harmful on the backs.
> realize that color prints deteriorate over time, but will the adhesive on
> the labels damage the prints and is there another way to attach a
> description without writing on the back in pen?
> Fran Morris
> moras@xxxxxxx

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