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Re: Ink Jet Printers

> I would like to ask the list for their recommendations on ink jet =
> printers. I would be printing on handmade paper in addition to producing =
> small limited edition books on machine-made paper. I=92m looking for =
> good color rendering and an all around versatile printer for the book =
> artist. I have a good laser printer, but the toner does not adhere well =
> to all types of paper. My understanding is that an ink jet printer =
> actually sprays ink onto the paper? Thanking you in advance for your =
> recommendations.
> Brian Queen

Richard Minsky wrote:

> I use an Epson Stylus 1500, which prints a sheet 17" wide by any length at
> 720 dpi 4-color, and use handmade paper mostly. THey have a higher res
> machine now--the1520 that prints 1440 x 720 and costs $799.

Yeah, they work great in general (yes, they do spray the ink directly onto the
page, but I don't know how well they work on unusual papers--however, most
stores will let you try out a test page if you come in at a slow time of day),
and Epson has a huge line of good inkjets, but, to extend the question, does
anyone know about the durability of the inks?  I would be very concerned about
it if I were printing books seriously with one.  Of course, they haven't been
around all that long, so there's really no knowing, but this list seems like
the place to ask. Also, Richard, how well does your Stylus 1500 handle unusual
and especially extra-thick or variable-thickness papers?


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