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Re: Seeking Bookbinding Equipment

Whitney Dickinson wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Thanks to all for the high quality of conversations on this list. I'm hoping
> someone can point me to sources for hand bookbinding equipment (I have
> basically  nothing). I'm specifically looking for a nipping press &
> finishing tools. I was hoping to start small & find used equipment but any
> information you can provide is welcome. I'm located in the Pacific Northwest
> but at this point shipping isn't a problem.
> Thanks!
> Whitney Dickinson
Dear Whitney;
 I'm a bookbinder and I also have students that I help find all sorts of
equipment.  I know of a few nipping presses available at good prices. My
teacher and friend, Bill Streeter, of the Silver Maple Bindery in my
same town of Northampton, MA is writing a book on the copying press for
Oak Knoll and has lots of presses that are not part of his permanent
collection.  I have lots of hand tools and paring knives, and some
Menonite friends that get us Board shears, Hot gold stamping machines,
type cases, and the like and I sell a "Bindery in a Box".  Inside a
wooden suitcase is a backing press, nipping press, plough, sewing frame,
brass edged boards and stainless steel plates. The box doubles as a
frame for holding all these pieces of equipment, and it is especially
nice for people who travel and teach or do demonstrations away from
their shops.  Hope this helps, got to go to work. Talk with you later.

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