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Re: Ink Jet Printers

In a message dated 98-06-16 23:59:08 EDT, you write:

<< Epson has a huge line of good inkjets, but, to extend the question, does
 anyone know about the durability of the inks? >>

I have used the Epson Stylus Color printer for about 3 years. I conducted a
light/fade test by printing the same multi-hued graphics four up. I cut the
page in fourths: One copy went into a drawer, shielded from light. Each of the
other three was placed in north, south, and west facing windows.

After two months, I compared the exposed copies to the one that had been kept
in the dark. The one exposed to northern light seemed fine until I compared
it. The red hue had faded slightly; other colors were intact. But the graphics
exposed to the south and west did not fare well. The red was all but gone and
everything else was pale and lifeless.

Prints made three years ago, used as illustrations in my books, show no
discernible fading.

Xerox 6500 color transfers that were made in the 1970's have not faded. I made
a 4' x 6' photo-collage wall hanging using transfers on ivory satin. It still
hangs in my mother's house and the photos appear vibrant and the hues
saturated (as opposed to the people pictured, who--myself included--have
deteriorated dramatically)!

On the other hand, prints made on the Canon Laser Color copier, mounted on mat
board and hung on the wall in my studio under fluorescent lighting are already
fading after two years.

Experiment and determine the parameters of the ink in the printer you are

Good luck.

Mary Crest

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