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Re: Bookbinding Equipment Source

> Hi folks,
> Thanks to all for the high quality of conversations on this list. I'm hoping
> someone can point me to sources for hand bookbinding equipment (I have
> basically  nothing). I'm specifically looking for a nipping press &
> finishing tools. I was hoping to start small & find used equipment but any
> information you can provide is welcome. I'm located in the Pacific Northwest
> but at this point shipping isn't a problem.
> Thanks!
> Whitney Dickinson

One option is to look into building your own (or having someone build it
for you).  I would like to recommend two publications that have plans
for building your own equipment (I now know better than to scan the
plans and put them on the list! ).
First one is called "Hand Bookbinding: A Manual of Instructions" by
Aldren A. Watson.  Might be hard to find as printed in 1962.  Second is
the Manly Bannister classic, "Bookbinding as a Handcraft", a 1981

Both have plans for making your own Standing Press, Lying Pressand Plow,
Book Press, Sewing Frame, Bench Press.
Even if you are not handy with shop tolls, you could pay someone to
build it for you from the plans.

I have built most of mine except the standing press.  I asked a fellow
woodworker for some inch and a half boards to build my own, but he ended
up building it for me. Only thing I furnished was the large screw
designed for making a shop woodworking vise.

My wife, a libarian, wanted me to build them for her so she could repair
books at the school library where she volunteered.  The local adult ed
center offered a course in hand bookbinding which I took just to learn
the purpose of the equipment she wanted built.  I got hooked and have
been hand binding books for over 16 years.  She does 20 library books at
a time, and I take on individual books by referrals from the local
libraries and area book stores.

Jim Trent

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