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Re: Ink Jet Printers

Hi friends,

I have an HP 855C and I love it.  I purchased the best printer I could
afford when I purchased my system, and at the time this was the top of the
line from HP.  I have printed a variety of unusual materials in it.
Everything form handmade paper that I make myself...<thick and bulky, thin
and flimsy...have to hand feed but worth it) to fabric, backed with a
temporary fusing of freezer paper to give it durability.  It also readily
accepts heavy weight stocks like 110Lb index and 80 LB linens and felt
weaves, laids..you name it.  I must admit thought that I didn't start to
"play" like this until my warranty expired :).

As far as longevity is concerned...I have print outs that are a few years
old...no fading noticed.

Now for the ultimate question....Ink Bleed.  This too, was something of
great concern to me, and I have solved that problem.  After printing my
page I spray it with a coat of matte fixative.  I stumbled across this
quite by accident.  I was doing some black and white graphics that I wanted
to add watercolor too.  My first attempt without fixative was just one big
runny mess.  I then discovered that if I sprayed with a fixative before
watercolor...no smearing.  I use this technique all the time now when I
want to be sure that the printout will not be affected by moisture.  I hope
this helps.

central NY

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