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Re: Ink Jet Printers/seeking advise

        Have to jump in here.  It's pretty amazing how far and fast
printers have come lately.  Just replaced my apple Color Stylewriter Pro
with an Epson Color Stylus 800 and an Alps MD 1300.   After seeing books at
a workshop I attended that had been printed on the Epson and learning I
could own one for $300, I had to have it.  The colors are great and it
prints at 1440 dpi. Since I use a digital camera much of a time, it has
made a great difference in printing out photos and it does a great job on
        While looking at the Epsons, I also saw the Alps printers.  The MD
1300 prints using cartridges, either their micro dry technology, or a dye
sub technology.  It will also coat the pictures with gloss if you want.  It
will do spot colors(white, gold silver and several metallic colors).  It's
pictures have good resolution and it uses a heat transfer to color the
picture.  It's down side is that it isn't fast and for the dye sub, you
have to use the special glossy paper.
        If you haven't bought a printer in a couple of years, take a look
at the newer ones.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Mary Hackney aka Synchronicity

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