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Re: Ink Jet Printers

Hi All,

About the inkjets, In my opinion Epson has the highest level waterproof
inks.  I use an Epson 3000 and the inks will bleed if you pour water
directly on the print and smear it around. I fix prints with a light
coat of fixative or spray Krylon acrylic. I'm not sure about
light-fastness, having not tested that.  The 3000 prints 17" wide and up
to 39" long, probably too large for what most bookartists need. The
Epson Photo stylus has hex color printing which is really remarkable.
I've used HP's which do a great job too.  Either of these will accept
handmade paper as well as watercolor and most printmaking papers.

One problem I have run across is printing on deckled edge papers.  If
the deckle is on  the lead or tail end of the paper it is fine, but if
the deckle is on the side, sometimes the print head will catch on the
deckle and deposit unwanted ink on the edge.

If you want to bleed print a sheet, tape an extra inch of paper to each
side and set the paper adjustment to that size.  The printer will then
print over the edge onto the added paper which you can remove later.

As you can see, I really like inkjets.

Mary Bookwalter

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