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Re: Seeking Bookbinding Equipment

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Request a printed catalog from American Graphic Arts, Inc.
150 Broadway, Elizabeth NJ, 07206 908-351-6906, -7156 fax or web site:

Book Conservation Dept.                 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Phone:  (212) 650-2891                  Thomas J. Watson Library
Fax:    (212) 570-3847                  1000 Fifth Ave.
E-Mail: metart2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       New York, NY 10028

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   <META NAME=3D"Description" CONTENT=3D"American Graphic Arts, Inc. - Bo=
okbinding, Printing, Converting, Diecutting, Foil Cutting, Mounting, Fini=
shing, Sample Houses">
   <META NAME=3D"KeyWords" CONTENT=3D"book, hard to find, machinery, equi=
pment, hand, bookbinding, restoration, conservation, on demand, used, pri=
nting, converting, binding, diecutting, foil stamping, gluing, paper dril=
ls, corner cutting, wire stitching, folding, embossing, sheeting, custom,=
 paper joggers, riveters, eyeletters, punching, collators, hard, cover, p=
ublishing, docutech, casemaking, machinery, casing in, building in, deskt=
op, electronic, short run bindery, library, book manufacturing, book maki=
   <TITLE>American Graphic Arts, Inc. - Bookbinding and Printing Machiner=
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<Table bgcolor=3D"gray" border=3D0 width=3D"700" cellpadding=3D5 cellspac=
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<TD background=3D"BACK.gif" bgcolor=3D"white"><img src=3D"spacer.gif" hei=

<TD bgcolor=3D"white">
<img src=3D"logo.gif"><br>
<b>Bookbinding =95 Printing =95 Converting =95 Diecutting<br>Foil Cutting=
 =95 Mounting =95 Finishing =95 Sample Houses</b><br>
Phone: (908) 351-6906 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Fax: (908) 351-7156<br>


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"img_inact('toc1'); window.status=3D''"><img src=3D"select1.gif" border=3D=
0 name=3D"toc1"></a>
<a href=3D"usedmachinery.htm" onMouseover=3D"img_act('toc2')" onMouseout=3D=
"img_inact('toc2'); window.status=3D''"><img src=3D"select2.gif" border=3D=
0 name=3D"toc2"></a>
<a href=3D"bookbinding.htm" onMouseover=3D"img_act('toc3')" onMouseout=3D=
"img_inact('toc3'); window.status=3D''"><img src=3D"select3.gif" border=3D=
0 name=3D"toc3"></a>
<a href=3D"feedback.htm" onMouseover=3D"img_act('toc4')" onMouseout=3D"im=
g_inact('toc4'); window.status=3D''"><img src=3D"select4.gif" border=3D0 =
<a href=3D"photos.htm" onMouseover=3D"img_act('toc5')" onMouseout=3D"img_=
inact('toc5'); window.status=3D''"><img src=3D"select5.gif" border=3D0 na=

<table border=3D0 cellpadding=3D5 cellspacing=3D1>
<A href=3D"newmachinery.htm"><img src=3D"odm.gif" ALT=3D"ODM" border=3D0>=
<font color=3D"Black" size=3D"+1">On Demand Hard Cover Binding Equipment


<td width=3D1 valign=3D"top">
<img src=3D"line.gif">

<td valign=3D"top" width=3D"100%">
<font size=3D"+1">
<img src=3D"bg4.gif"><br><br>

<tr><Td><Center><font face=3D"arial" size=3D"-2">&copy 1997 -- HTML by <A=
 href=3D"http://www.nac.net";>Net Access Webworks</a></center></td></tr>


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<img src=3D"http://www.nac.net/scripts/count.exe?ft=3D2&frgb=3D000000&dd=3D=


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