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Re: Ink Jet Printers

Probably need to get the rip software. Many of my students use it to print out
their projects and the quality is superior to most output services. Text needs
to be ripped if you are not useing any of the standard fonts.
I teach 200 students at design school as well as interact with many
professional designers and all of them recommend the epson. You need to wait
for the new Epson rip software (sometime soon) for complete compatability. The
current software has small bugs. Bermese also makes Rip software for the
Recommended Epson850, 1520, and 3000
The inkjets take all sorts of paper. Had one student print out a book on
handmade paper from India. Scanned in his handwritting and printed it.
Thought he wrote it out till I noticed a bit mapped image. I use to run an
offset press as well as all the traditional presses so to be fooled by the
Epson was a shocker. Since the soft paper had a lot of dot gain the bleeding
and blending of the inks hid the fact that it was an ink jet print.
HP's are good too. Apple Stylewriters have HP guts in them so the quality
should be the same.

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