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Tearing a Deckle Edge

Christine asked:

>Can anyone tell me how to tear watercolor paper to simulate a deckle edge??

The easiest way I know of is to paint a line of clean water with a
watercolour brush either freehand or held against a ruler, wait a while,
then pull gently. You may have to add more water or pull less gently
depending on the strength and the grain of the paper. A decorative
possibility, though I haven't tried it, is to use coloured water.

I have also tried scoring the line first with a tool used for
releasing/burnishing Letraset (remember that?) and then painting with
water. The tool is metal with a small ball on the end, but I suppose the
back of a table knife might work. This results in a finer "deckle" edge.


Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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