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Re: Ink Jet Printers

Ink jet printer do not have a CPU. They relay on the computer to process the
text and image. Sometimes that includes the need to buy RIP software. It helps
to translate the text and image so the printer can print correctly. Especially
when it has to do with Postscript 1 or 2. (and now 3)
Laser printers do come with a CPU and do require memory. FYI if you buy more
memory for your laser ptinter you will print faster as well as get better
images. My Apple laserwriter12/640 is equiped with 48 Megabytes of RAM and can
utilize extra functions like extra long paper, photograde options and duplex
Also, if you increase the memory requirements to the ink jet printer software
you can decrease print time. On a Mac select the specific print monitor
application or RIP software and hit <Command key> and "i". This opens up an
info box and you can reset the prefered memory size. I do this on my Laser
also to help with large image files.  On Windows, I think you can't do it.
Microsoft doesn't think you're smart enough.
Gotta tell you, Epsons quality is increadible. Just sat through 6 hours of
critiques and every time we thought they had a poster or book output it was
done on an Epson. Of course you need to know how to scan in your images
correctly too. Some Epsons take banner paper or oversized paper. Had one
student bring in 26 inch long 12 inch wide scrolls printed on a heavilly
textured unryu paper. looked increadible.

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