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Just a Little Conservation Curiosity

I'm not a conservator, but occasionally I take on a book repair job.  I won't
handle anything rare or valuable, but it's usually a case of extreme
sentimental value that gets to me, so I end up working with cheaply mass
produced things (currently a well- loved, beaten up 1926 copy of "Winnie The
Pooh", printed on the cheesiest, crumbliest wood pulp stock imagineable).
I keep finding mysterious "floating pages", usually only a few to the book.
They're single sheets, not half of a folio, presumeably just tipped in (which
is what I do with them), and they can occur anywhere in the signature.  Does
anyone know about these?  Are they the publishers' way of handling design
mistakes?  Is this a common practice or am I finding them because I'm working
with the cheap stuff?
Just curious...Thanks for any insights.
Melissa Jay Craig, Chicago

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