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Re: Seeking Bookbinding Equipment

Hello Whitney

May I humbly refer you to my buy, sell and exchange on the Web? It's called
The Bookbinder's Toolbox, and you can post your request there, or look
through the entries to see if anyone has suitable equipment for sale. The
address is http://www.redeye.co.nz/tool.htm and of course the service is
free of charge.

(And thanks for the reference, Sam).

Best regards,... Chris

>Hi folks,
>Thanks to all for the high quality of conversations on this list. I'm hoping
>someone can point me to sources for hand bookbinding equipment (I have
>basically  nothing). I'm specifically looking for a nipping press &
>finishing tools. I was hoping to start small & find used equipment but any
>information you can provide is welcome. I'm located in the Pacific Northwest
>but at this point shipping isn't a problem.
>Whitney Dickinson

Chris Lipscombe
mobile 025-732 912

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