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Re: Ink Jet Printers

Thanks to jennifer for her comments on Iris printers, with which I agree.
Depending on where you are, though, the kind of printers she mentions are
not common. Here in Tucson, for example, none of the service bureaus have
them. One says they do Iris prints, but they send them to Phoenix or
somewhere else, as I understand it -- so the amount of input you can have
may be a bit limited and subject to interpretation by people you're not
talking with directly. I did get to see a lot of Iris work in Buffalo once,
and was most impressed.

I thought that the least expensive Iris printers were $100,000 or so -- is
the "Realist" Patrick is asking out something different?


At 07:58 AM 6/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Iries are considered the next best thing to the quality of the printed
>color. They are an ink jet process, CYMK, 300dpi, continuous tone.

 . . .
>>I have enjoyed reading the bits and pieces on ink jet printers.  In view
>>of all
>>the chatter, I would like to ask if anyone has used the Iris line of
>>such as the Realist.  Comments, experiences, etc.  Iris ink jet printers are
>>made by Scitex.
>>     Patrick Ravines
>>     email - ravines@xxxxxxx
chax press : alexander writing/design/publishing

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