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Paper moulds

Dear Wayne:

I'm new to the list and new to computers, so I hope this reply makes it to the
right place.

I have made simple, sturdy paper molds using canvas painting stretcher strips,
ordinary window screening (probably 20-22 mesh), and a plastic grid called
"egg crating"  which I believe is used for ventilation in drop ceilings.

Assemble the frame, and cut the egg crating with a small saw--its brittle, so
don't worry if you break off bits.  The idea is to get it to fit within the
inside of the frame.  Tap it into place and hot glue it so that it stays
there.  When the glue is set, give the whole thing a couple of coats with
Thompsons wood sealer and let dry.

Your frame can now be covered with your screen, I find the fiberglass kind to
work best for stretching, and you do this with a staple gun just like you
would a canvas.  Follow up with a couple of rows of duct tape around the edges
and about a half inch onto the screen surface for a deckle edge.

Use a frame of the same size for your deckle piece.

I hope this makes sense, its something I learned in a general papermaking
course and the screens I made worked fine for both japanese and western
Good Luck,

Sharon McCartney

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