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Sample Exchange

I'm still pretty new to this list, so maybe this is just something I
haven't heard of before, but ... here goes ...

On my own, I have traded samples or "token" books with a couple of
members of this list for a chance to see what others are doing, add some
special things to my own collection, or just for inspiration.

One of the posts from a week or two ago was for a local book arts group.
If I read the post right, at their meeting, each member was asked to
bring a certain number of copies  (e.g. 10) to share with the other
members, so that each member would walk home with a sample from each of
the other members.

I thought this was a really cool idea, and I was wondering if anyone was
doing this long-distance ... through the mail ....  Anyone know of this,
or have any thoughts/ideas for a simple (no-cash) exhange?

I realize that to some people, the materials that go into even one sample
or edition (far less enough for a whole group!) is like cash out the
door, but maybe there's some interest in this kind of trade.  If no one
knows of an existing national/long-distance operation, I might be
interested in organizing one.

Feel free to email me directly to chat about the possibilities ...


Timothy Krause--timkra@xxxxxxxx

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