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Calligraphers must specialize in this kind of activity.  I belonged to a
calligraphers group in Houston TX one year and they organized exchanges of
beautiful handmade/calligraphed cards at Christmas and Valentine's Day.
You got the same number of cards as you brought.  But the pressure was on
to be creative, and I was way out of my league.   I've seen quilters do the
same thing with quilted squares which you could put together and make a
friendship hanging.  You are right.  It is great fun!

At 04:05 PM 6/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>A person on the calligraphy listserv recently organized a handmade book
>swap.  We each sent and received six books.  All were small - they had to
>fit in a specific size box from the post office.  It was a huge amount of
>work for the organizer.  She photographed each book, printed out the
>details of what it was made from, the source of the text, etc., and we
>each got a set of unbound pages about the exchange as a whole.  Lots of fun.
>Sallly Jackson


Linda M. Wilson
Greenwich Academy, 200 N. Maple, Greenwich, CT 06830
FAX 203.625.8991

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