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Chinese bindings

Some time ago there was considerable discussion of Chinese "whirlwind"
bindings.  I recently purchased a zeroxed copy of the book cited as a
source for this type of binding. Meager illustrations but otherwise as
described below if you should want your own.

>>>Author...... MARTINIQUE, Edward.
>>>Title....... CHINESE TRADITIONAL BOOKBINDING: A Study of its Evolution and
>>>Publisher... [Taipei] 1983, Chinese Materials Center.
>>>BookId...... RTINta2594
>>>Price....... US$ 25.00
>>>Stapeled xerox copy very good, 87p., index, bibliography, 41 figures, 38
>>b.w. photos, the author's annotated copy. XEROX COPY An excellent,
>>scholarly reference monograph that gives wide coverage to the subject in
>>English, hitherto a scarce area of attention. Devoted to the study of
>>Chinese bookbinding, early Chinese bookbinding, the change from roll to
>>flat form format, the protection and preservation of Chinese double- leaved
>>books. With a copious & useful bibliography.
Available from:
>>          P O BOX 1599
>>            APTOS, CALIFORNIA U.S.A 95001-1599
>>                TEL: 408/ 689 0203   FAX: 408/ 689 0204
>>                   E-Mail: jgs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>                       WORLD WIDE WEB PAGE: http://www.rareorientbooks.com


Linda M. Wilson
Greenwich Academy, 200 N. Maple, Greenwich, CT 06830
FAX 203.625.8991

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