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Re: Epson Photo Stylus Ink consumption/costs

All the personal-scale printers--especially Canon, Epson, and HP--are,
in fact, cheap because they are subsidised by the cost of ink
cartridges.  The ink is how they make their money.  And yes, especially
if you do lots of photo-quality, saturated, heavily mixed-color
printing, you run out of ink very fast.

Two things to note on Epsons.  On the Epson Stylus Color (as opposed to
the Epson Stylus Color II, 400, 600, 800, 1500, 3000, etc.) there is
actually no black ink, so black for text, etc. has to be mixed, which
runs the ink out very quickly.

Also, with lots of models of inkjet, the color cartridge cannot be
refilled, and you cannot replace only one color.  If you print
photographs which are predominantly one color, you have to change the
cartridge a lot quicker; in our brochures, with photos of patinaed
metalwork, we have photos in which the predominant colors are saturated
greens and yellow-browns.  You need a lot of that yellow ink to mix with
a little bit of blue to make green, and the other parts don't help
much.  We run out of yellow in the cartridges while red and blue are
nearly full.

BTW--Chris McCormick pointed out to me (I don't think he sent it to the
whole list, if he did, forgive the repetition) that there is an Epson
list for discussion & problems; people there might know more about weird
print difficulties, lightfastness, strange papers, etc.

According to Chris (I haven't tried it out) :

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