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Re: Ink Jet Printers


It should be noted in the discussion of ink usage that ink usage is
explicitly factored into the pricing model of the printers. It's the
old "cheap razor, expensive blades" idea. You get a cheap printer, and
the company makes up the difference through the supplies.

I've not used any of the newer ink jets, but I would tend to advise
against the 3rd party re-fill kits. At least with my ancient DeskJet
500, I found that the actual ink nozzles tended to clog towards the
end of the cartridge. It lead to streaky printing for life of the
refill. In most printers the nozzle mechanism is designed to be
replaced. (Same thing with laser printers -- the process of cleaning
the drum between each page ends up slowly damaging the drum, hence the
need to replace the drum on a regular basis)

Now, I'm also looking for a ink jet. I'm looking at the HP 11xx model,
mainly because it does 11x17 pages. The Epson that does 17" wide
sounds nice, but I'm not sure if I can afford $800. Has anyone had
experience with the 1100 series? It's a new machine.


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