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Re: Epson Photo Stylus Ink consumption/costs

>Dear Jill Timm (or any others who may have ideas), I recently bought a n
>Epson Photo Stylus.  I'm very new to all of this, but found that the ink was
>being consumed at a ferocious rate and that I'd soon spend more on ink than
>I did on the printer itself.  This didn't seem to be the experience of
>friends who had other brands of Epson (Stylus, 800, etc.)  I didn't think I
>was printing in very great quantity.  The ink was soon gone.  What is your
>experience?  Do you know where replacement inks can be bought for less than
>$25.? Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks. Barbara

Hellow Barbara;
        As a lurker on this list with some experience with HP jet
printers,I can contribute the following:I have had good luck with refilling
black and color HP cartridges at least one time with cheaper ink provided
by Mei Micro corp (URL www.mei-microcenter.com/welcome.htm).I have no
interest in this business other than as  a  user of their products.With the
black ink,you must be certain to equalize the pressure as described in
their instructions to prevent leaking.With the color,fill till the cotton
pads are covered.

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