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Kapco for paperbacks

I wanted to share with the list a produce that we love in our small
public library for paperbacks.  We're not talking art books here, we're
talking about extending the life of paperbacks.  I know this question
pops up on the list every once in a while, so thought I would pass this

We have experimented with a lot of covers and approaches to paperbacks
and think this is by far the best.  (No, I don't own stock in them, but
maybe I should!)

Their Easy Cover book covers have 10 mil polymer for the covers but a
thinner 2 mil ply that wraps around the spine, so the books open easily.
All their adhesives are acid free and the covers are easy to apply.  They
have just come out with Easy Cover II which is even easier to apply than
their first product.  We think they're the cat's meow!

Their toll free number is 800-791-8965.  The address is
Kapco Library Products
1000 Cherry St.
Kent, Ohio 33240-7520
Local phone 330-678-1626  Fax 800-451-3724

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg Public Library

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