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Book Arts Centers -Reply

Peter, I trust I'm replying to you off-list regarding book arts centers/ =
Please add Boise State University in your fledgling category.  I teach two =
courses, the undergraduate E-309 Introduction to Book Arts, and the =
graduate E-509 Book Arts.  E-309 has been taught each semester the past =
couple of years, while the graduate class is offerred every two years.
Thanks--look forward to a complete listing!
Tom Trusky

ps:  Any advice for an extremely talented young man already at work as a =
commercial printer (the Caxton Press) who wants to apprenticeship/ =
grantship/whatevership to learn fine bookbinding, here or abroad?  You'll =
be reading an article by this guy about platen press printing in Idaho in =
a forthcoming issue of the Idaho Center for the Book Newsletter (following =
the fabulous Idaho's Books of the Dead series...).  I had in him E-309 and =
he was terrific.  (His classroom edition a letterpress metal book!)

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