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Re: Sample Exchange - BOTM Swap

   This swap has been going on monthly since January of this year. The quality
of the books has been outstanding. The books are mostly of the type shown in
Cover to Cover and similar books. Beginners and experienced book makers are

Name of swap: Book of the Month Swap
Hosted by: Terri Daniels
Email: TLDaniels@xxxxxxx
Due Date: arrive by last day of the month


* Send 5 books, get 5 books back. $3 for priority postage and SAML. There are
NO sign-ups for this swap. You just email me for my address and make sure your
books arrive here by the last day of the month. If your books miss the
deadline, I'll just hold them for the next month. You don't have to play every
month, just the months you choose.

* Each month will have an *optional* theme. If the theme doesn't excite you
but you've made some great books, send them in.
JUNE (due June 30) - WINDOWS ON THE WORLD (your interpretation of this theme,
could be content and/or structure)
JULY (due July 31) - BOOKS IN SHAPES (books in the shape of a fish, butterfly,
airplane, etc., could be 3D)
AUGUST (due August 31) - ABC BOOKS (that's alphabet books - use of the whole
alphabet is optional! :-)
SEPTEMBER (due Sept 30) - DOS-A-DOS BOOKS (back-to-back books - several types
of structures would work for this one: accordion, traditional binding, etc. -
any topic(s))
(October = scrolls, November = blank journals, December = triangles)

* Your books must have some content - it could be poetry, quotes, song lyrics,
a story, etc. AND/OR be illustrated in some way, such as rubber stamps, clip
art, collage, etc. Please take some time and effort with your books. For some
good examples, see:

* If you have any questions or suggestions for future themes, please email me
at TLDaniels@xxxxxxxx


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