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Re: Yes Paste

        I would say probably not, from the standpoint of my experience with it.
#1 - it seems pretty much irreversible without damage to the paper.  Used
in thin quantities I have had it fail to adhere completely.  There is
another glue, Berto Glue, sold by a company in Oregon, I think, which is
similar, and stays tackier, but I would doubt that it would be archival
        None of the main library suppliers - Demco, Gaylore, University Products -
list it.  A number of craft stores carry it, such as Aaron Bros., Standard
Brands, etc.  Also, nearly any company selling picture framing supplies
will have it.  One, that I know of, is:
Valley Moulding Company, 10708 Vanowen St., North Hollywood, CA 92121.  Ph.
80-769-5656.  It comes in quart and gallon jars, and generally keeps very
        However, I would not use it on anything I thought important.  Would not
use it, for instance, in adhering book-cloth or leather to boards, or
tipping pages into a book.  Because of its viscosity, (almost like peanut
butter, but gummier) it is very difficult to spread evenly or efficiently
without thinning.
        I saw a framer, once, mounting posters on fome-core with Berto Glue, which
is about the same consistency, but he spread it on a glass, and applied it
with a brayer, then ran the whole thing through a laminating roller outfit
he had.  Not very practical for us.
Charles Schermerhorn

> From: Lois Mittleman <Papursuits@xxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Yes Paste
> Date: Friday, June 19, 1998 7:27 PM
> Is "Yes' archival?
> If not, what glue is?  and where can I buy it?
> Where can I buy "Yes"?
> thanks.

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