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Powell festschrift

  To those interested in older book structures:

   This volume has not been as well publicized as it should have been,
in my opinion, so for those of you who have not been notified as yet,
here is the info on this hot little item I finally managed to get my hot
little hands on, typed in haste and not proof-read.
  Dorothy A.

   Roger Powell: The Compleat Binder, edited by John L. Sharpe,
published as Bibliologia 14 Elementa ad Librorum studia pertinentia,
Brepols, 1996. isbn 2-503-50434-5, 341 pages.

  Contents: two articles on Powell's life, career, and publications;
Poger Powell's Innovation in Book Conservation: The Early Irish
Manuscripts Repaired and Bound, 1953-1981 by Anthony Cains; Mobility and
Function in the Codex Bookbinding by Gary L. Frost; Wooden Books and the
History of the Codex: Isocrates and the Farm Account, Evidence from the
Egyptian Desert by John L. Sharpe; Notes on the Trinity Liber Hymnorum
by Willaim O'Sullivan; Pigments and their Uses in Insular Manuscripts by
Michelle P. Brown; The Determination of Animal Species Used in Medieval
Parchment Making: Non-Destructive Identification Techniques, by C.
Federici, Anna Di Majo, Marco Palma, trans. into English by Margaret
Hay; Further Studies in Anglo-Saxon and Norman Bookbinding: Board
Attachment Methods Re-examined by Christopher Clarkson; A Hitherto
Unrecorded English Romanesque Book Sewing Technique, also by Clarkson;
>From Scribe to Binder: Quire Tackets in Twelfth Cnetury European
Manuscripts by Michael Gullick; Medieval Painted Book Edges by Mirjam M.
Foot; Adventures of an Itinerant Bookbinder? Marginalia in and Early
Fourteenth Century English Manuscipt by Linda Lee; Cutting Corners: Some
Deceptive Practices in Seventeenth Century English Bookbinding by
Nicholas Pickwoad; From Venice to Isfahan and Back: The Making of an
Armenian Manuscript in Early Eighteenth Cnetury Persia by Sylvie L.
Merian; Towards a Codicology of Bound Archival Volumes: Conservation
Documentation and Treatment of the Pinkes of Skuoda, Lithuania, by Jan
Paris; Simple, Not Insignificant: Specifications for a Pamphlet Binding
for Book Conservation by Randy Silverman; Specifications for a Hard
Board, Supported, Laced Construction Binding for the Conservation of
Rare Books by Robert Espinosa, illustrations by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo;
Trade or Craft? A Question of Need by Don Etherington; Some Notes Toward
a Typology of Artifact Values for Books and Manuscripts by Paul N. Banks

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