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Re: Powell festschrift

And for those who want contact information on this book, the web page
for the Powell festschrift is http://www.brepols.com/

Warning:  This book is _expensive_ (but worth the price).  It was 4,300
BEF + S&H (about 123 US Dollars).

Lyle H. Gray
lyle @ quodata . com                            Non animam contine.
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>From:  Dorothy Africa [SMTP:africa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent:  Monday, June 22, 1998 9:59 AM
>To:    BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject:       Powell festschrift
>  To those interested in older book structures:
>   This volume has not been as well publicized as it should have been,
>in my opinion, so for those of you who have not been notified as yet,
>here is the info on this hot little item I finally managed to get my hot
>little hands on, typed in haste and not proof-read.
>  Dorothy A.
>   Roger Powell: The Compleat Binder, edited by John L. Sharpe,
>published as Bibliologia 14 Elementa ad Librorum studia pertinentia,
>Brepols, 1996. isbn 2-503-50434-5, 341 pages.
>  Contents: two articles on Powell's life, career, and publications;
>Poger Powell's Innovation in Book Conservation: The Early Irish
>Manuscripts Repaired and Bound, 1953-1981 by Anthony Cains; Mobility and
>Function in the Codex Bookbinding by Gary L. Frost; Wooden Books and the
>History of the Codex: Isocrates and the Farm Account, Evidence from the
>Egyptian Desert by John L. Sharpe; Notes on the Trinity Liber Hymnorum
>by Willaim O'Sullivan; Pigments and their Uses in Insular Manuscripts by
>Michelle P. Brown; The Determination of Animal Species Used in Medieval
>Parchment Making: Non-Destructive Identification Techniques, by C.
>Federici, Anna Di Majo, Marco Palma, trans. into English by Margaret
>Hay; Further Studies in Anglo-Saxon and Norman Bookbinding: Board
>Attachment Methods Re-examined by Christopher Clarkson; A Hitherto
>Unrecorded English Romanesque Book Sewing Technique, also by Clarkson;
>From Scribe to Binder: Quire Tackets in Twelfth Cnetury European
>Manuscripts by Michael Gullick; Medieval Painted Book Edges by Mirjam M.
>Foot; Adventures of an Itinerant Bookbinder? Marginalia in and Early
>Fourteenth Century English Manuscipt by Linda Lee; Cutting Corners: Some
>Deceptive Practices in Seventeenth Century English Bookbinding by
>Nicholas Pickwoad; From Venice to Isfahan and Back: The Making of an
>Armenian Manuscript in Early Eighteenth Cnetury Persia by Sylvie L.
>Merian; Towards a Codicology of Bound Archival Volumes: Conservation
>Documentation and Treatment of the Pinkes of Skuoda, Lithuania, by Jan
>Paris; Simple, Not Insignificant: Specifications for a Pamphlet Binding
>for Book Conservation by Randy Silverman; Specifications for a Hard
>Board, Supported, Laced Construction Binding for the Conservation of
>Rare Books by Robert Espinosa, illustrations by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo;
>Trade or Craft? A Question of Need by Don Etherington; Some Notes Toward
>a Typology of Artifact Values for Books and Manuscripts by Paul N. Banks

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