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Re: Epson Photo Stylus Ink consumption/costs

Yes, I did find the Epson Stylus Photo seemed to use up my first color
cartridge (I'm on my second) faster than I would have hoped. But look at  what
we get, photographic quality prints. Think how much it would cost to get actual
photographic prints. The other thing to remember that the cartage actually has
5 colors, other Epson models use 3 colors, more ink in the cartage, but less
visual quality. If you print heavy in one color it goes first. Once one color
is gone the printer thinks it is out of ink. The other thing to remember is if
you print full coverage (like in a photo) that you are covering a lot of real
estate! I also have found that using 360 dpi instead of 720 saves a lot of ink
and I could hardy tell the difference. My black is still going strong.

My previous machine was a HP. I did reload a black cartridge once , it was easy
and it was cheap. What was recommended to me was to reload every other time,
use a new ink cartridge every other time to ensure not wearing out the ink

Dear Jill Timm (or any others who may have ideas), I recently bought a n
Epson Photo Stylus.  I'm very new to all of this, but found that the ink was
being consumed at a ferocious rate and that I'd soon spend more on ink than
I did on the printer itself.  This didn't seem to be the experience of
friends who had other brands of Epson (Stylus, 800, etc.)  I didn't think I
was printing in very great quantity.  The ink was soon gone.  What is your
experience?  Do you know where replacement inks can be bought for less than
$25.? Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks. Barbara Valenta

Jill Timm, Visual Media Designer
User Centered Design
Network Computing Software, IBM Austin
(512) 838-9267, jtimm@xxxxxxxxxx

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