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bye bye


I'm off to Boulder CO and Santa Fe NM for the next two months to do
workshops. I'm "nomailing" the listserv, but you can get in touch with me
at my regular email addres.... patbooks@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Have a nice summer!


The creative process is a combination of academic routine
and sacred procedure.                                       <
Pat Baldwin                                                 <                                                                       >
P.O. Box 1711                                               <
Bisbee AZ 85603                                             >
 (520)432-5924                                              >
Pequeno Press
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery                                    >           ARIZONA WORKSHOPS
                >       Starcatcher Inc.

http://www.primenet.com/~patbooks/pagetwo.html              >
                                 /workshop.html             <

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