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Deckle edge

What I haven't seen in this discussion is the relationship to the type of
paper one is trying to tear vs. the kind of edge sought, not to mention
whether one is trying to tear the grain-side of the paper or the
grain-ends.  It makes a big difference.  The question of method needs to
relate to the paper.

I tried several different methods of tearing various Japanese papers to
make feather-edge strips for hinges and mending.  Heavier paper tore one
way.  Some of the lighter papers absorbed water to the point that one
couldn't tear a strip - the whole body came apart.

Whoever mentioned the blank, fillable felt-tip pen device probably comes
the closest to a relliable solution since the kind of wet tear one wants
necessarily involves being able to control the rate at which water is
applied to the paper, and the felt pen would give one that option.

Types of papers, anyone?

Charles Schermerhorn

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