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Re: tearing

  How many bookbinders does it take to tear....... As far as I know just
about every binder has his or her preferred method for this simple
essential.  Kinda' like corn bread recipes.  For tearing mending strips
my weapon of choice is a bamboo Japanese marking brush.  The bamboo
fiber holds water and dispenses it in a pencil thin line when you draw
it along a straight-edge.  The tear produces an edge with short, dense,
bushy fibers along it, so dense that if you don't open out the strip
before the water dries (if you have folded the Japanese paper you are
tearing) the fibers will seal it shut.  It may only be a trick of my
imagination, but I think the bamboo edge also crushes the paper fiber a
bit as I draw it along the straight-edge, making the tear easier and the
edge fibers more regular.  Anyhow, I like the mending edge I get this
way, and it is plus that the strips are immediately useable since there
is no excess water.  It works for me.
   Dorothy Africa

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