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Re: Lecture

I know this announcement comes awfully early, but since some people have
complained that they don't get news of workshops etc., early enough, here

I will be giving a two-day workshop, DRAGONSBLOOD AND ASHES, for the Los
Angeles Society for Calligraphy on March 20 and 21st, 1999. DRAGONSBLOOD
AND ASHES is an ongoing experiment in using and understanding the
materials of the medieval scribe, illuminator and painter. This was
originally the title for a regular column I used to write for Calligraphy
Idea Exchange. Depending on the audience, this workshop involves
ink-making (indispensable if you use quills), mixing colors for
book-production (glair, rotten size, tempering colors), making colors from
plants and vegetables, etc.

Any one interested can contact me at the address below. And if you want me
to address your group, let me know also (I may be coming through Portland
and San Francisco: I don't get to the West Coast often, and I have some
friends and family I want to visit).

Paul Werner, New York City

For Courses, Lectures and Dragonsblood:
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