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Betty Storz wrote (quoting Yehuda Miklaf):

>Nellie Stavisky has a very
>good solution. She bought a little machine for making sauces. It's like a
>very slow coffee grinder with a heater built it. You put in the
>atarch/flour and water and turn it on and go away. It stirs and cooks the
>paste automatically.

Miklaf is right. Here in Holland nearly all book- and paperrestorers use t=
his machine.
The procedure is simple: put an amount of starchpowder in the teflon pan a=
nd add four
times as many water to it. Start the machine and let it turn and cook for =
half an hour.
We recently discovered that the paste gets even better (smoother) when you=
 turn the
heating off and let it stir for 5 or 10 minutes afterwards.
Then you let it cool and pass it through a fine sieve (we made one ourselv=
es from fine-
meshed silkscreenprinting gauze). For most purposes we add some water to i=
t to
make it more spreadable. That's about it. Most of the time this whole proc=
edure takes
gets in cleaning everything ; all in all it takes about 20 minutes every t=
hree days. The
paste won't keep longer as three days, sometimes four.
Lately we have experimented with conserving the paste in tubes. I made 3 t=
ubes and
they are all still in good condition (made them on April 4). We opened one=
 of them to
see if the paste didn't change it's properties but it was as if it had bee=
n freshly cooked.
The paste in the opened tube lasted surprisingly long as well: two weeks l=
ater I
checked it again and it was still in excellent shape.

The machine is called "Le Saucier" and is made in Europe (France) by SEB w=
hich is
the same as Tefal. They have a website but last time I visited it it was "=
still under
construction". I bought my machine in France during holidays in a local "s=
march=E9" for about 400 french francs which must be about 60 USD.

Since I have it I can only say that the paste we make is a pleasure to wor=
k with and
that we exactly know what we are using.... something you never can be sure=
 of when
you use factory-made paste.

Cor Knops.

Knops Boekrestauratie
Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
Groenstraat 8
6151 CS Munstergeleen
phone 00 31 46 4200024
fax   00 31 46 4110180
e-mail    knops@xxxxxxxxx
URL       http://www.xs4all.nl/~knops/knops.htm
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