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Re: Lecture

>The master and his disciple were about to cross a river when they noticed
>a beautiful young woman standing at the edge, clearly afraid to cross.
>Without hesitation the master gathered her in his arms, carried her over,
>put her down gently and walked on. This greatly disturbed the disciple,
>who feared that the master had given in to the temptations of the flesh.
>They walked on in silence, until the disciple felt he could frame the
>question properly:  "Master, that was a very attractive woman back
>there...  - I left her by the river, and you are still carrying her?"

My husband told me that quote, who and where-Houston Smith? The Dali Lama?
>On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Peter Verheyen wrote:
>> OK folks, let's stop beating this dead horse and get over ourselves. It's
>> not that big of a deal. Let's approach life with a sense of humor.

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